Tackling a thick, tangled friesian tail!

Tackling a thick, tangled friesian tail!

We have seen some thick and glorious tails in our time but when @nzmares told us that it can take half an hour to brush out her half-friesian mare's tail we knew she needed help! She shared the result of using Eco Horse natural grooming products with us. Photos are by BRV Creative - book a shoot!

Trinny's tail is very long and thick, with a lovely natural wave. But in winter when she's plunging through mud and crossing the boggy creek it can be a little out of control, and a huge challenge to groom. Using normal shampoo and conditioner still leaves me with a big chore to brush it out.

Taming that lush tail

After a good shampoo, a good dob of Eco Horse's creamy Leave-In Conditioner was applied, and smoothed down through Trinny's very long tail.

Brushing the tail out only took about 5 minutes and needless to say, looked fantastic with a very glossy sheen and a gorgeous lavender scent wafting about. An effort free-result!

This sleek shining tail was a far cry from the thick mass of mud splattered hair that we started with!

Mane detangler for gloss & managability

Trinny's mane is long too (we quite like that long waving mane and tail 'friesian' look) but it isn't as strong as her tail and tends to get quite dry, especially in summer.

After washing her mane and letting it dry half way, we used Eco Detangle& Shine to give it some gloss and silky texture, then I did soft loose braids to create some wave while it finished drying.

The result? Sleek, shiny waves of soft scented mane. By this stage Trinny was out-classing me in the hair grooming stakes!

We headed off to our photoshoot with the very talented BR Creative (www.horsephotographer.co.nz) on the West Coast and of course the wild winds twisted and turned, quickly demolishing my careful work, but the gloss and softness of her mane translated in the beautiful photos of my special girl.

Our Eco Horse must-haves will definitely always include this fantastic mane and tail detangler and the gorgeous leave-in conditioner for horses. In summer, I will use the leave-in conditioner to keep her mane from drying out. I'll definitely use the detangler for show shine as it doesn't make my reins slippery like silicone sprays have in the past (not ideal!!) and gives a really striking finish, the mane almost sparkles.

I'm a huge fan of eco-kind products, and love the reusable detangler bottle and concentrate refills, as well as the absence of plastic rubs through the range. I also really like that I'm not putting chemicals on my horses skin! Thanks so much for creating beautiful safe products that smell sensational and really work beautifully!