Show Jumping Practice Days with Eco Horse

Show Jumping Practice Days with Eco Horse

At Eco Horse we love helping equestrians make their horses look fantastic. We also love a laugh with our friends, and spreading positivity around the horse world. 

So, we came up with the idea of Practice Show Jumping Days!

Our first day at the gorgeous Rose Flats arena was such fun with perfect weather and a turn out of riders ranging from under 5 to over 50 taking their turn around the course.

We had spritely young horses and steady older horses, adorable ponies and professional show jumpers. We had one rather unsure horse who stopped - her rider was then so thoroughly cheered on by all the onlookers on their second round that they flew around the course clear and emerged grinning ear to ear. Okay, the rider was grinning, but we swear the mare had a special swagger going on as well!

Join in at our Eco Horse Practice Show Jumping Days

These fun and friendly events start with poles and cross bars, and end as high as people want to go! Our Practice Show Jumping events are the perfect day out for:

  • your wide eyed green horse who needs a bit more mileage to feel confident
  • children who are ready for some supportive competition or want to polish their performance without pressure
  • a fun day out where you can catch up with friends and (bonus!) jump a welcoming show jump course
  • getting your show horse show ready without throwing them in the deep end
  • bringing horses back into work or practicing technique
  • some quiet clean rounds at higher levels without pressure in the warm up ring so you and your horse can concentrate as you touch the sky.

There are no cash prizes, ribbons or judges - but there ARE  supportive competitors who will cheer you on, a beautiful clean course without any nasty quirks to catch you off guard, and Eco Horse spot prizes given completely randomly, with love and a big smile!

And, the fabulous Mini Oak Coffee Cart will be on site for amazing drinks and food. Bring your Eco Horse keep cup! ;)

We'd love to see you soon at one of our Practice Days - sign up to our newsletter to stay informed (at the bottom of this page) or follow us on social. 

Book for our August Show Jumping Practice Day now! It will sell out!

Thanks to Elisa Pitkänen for the use of the photo!