Eco Points Rewards Programme

We set up Eco Points to thank you for supporting Eco Horse with rewards points for every dollar you spend on our grooming products and horse care range.

Get $5 off when you join the programme

You can join the Rewards Programme now, and start earning points today - you'll get an immediate $5 off code then start earning 1 point for every $1 you spend.

Anyone can earn points by shopping, but to redeem them, you need to create a free Eco Horse Account. You may even have points waiting for you already.

Get $5 off once you reach 100 points

    You will be sent a code by email which you can enter at checkout, or you can click the Rewards pop up lower left anytime to check your Eco Points balance or redeem your codes - just make sure you are logged in to your account, and click Ways to Redeem.

    Send friends $5 off with your Referral Link

    Click the Rewards Pop Up, make sure you are logged in and click Referrals to share your personal Referral Link with friends - you can even pop it on social. Anyone who uses it can enter their email address and get a $5 off code to spend on any purchase over $80.

    If your friends spend $80 or more, you also get a $5 discount voucher code.


    Your discount can't be used at the same time as another discount so if you try to use a points code during a sale, you'll only be able to enter either your reward code or the sale code, not both. All amounts shown are in NZD.