A range of eco-friendly horse grooming & horse care products

We created our range of all natural horse care products from mane and tail detanglers and conditioners, to bit butter and horse treats in eco-jars. We make our products locally here in New Zealand, and use only safe, human grade oils and butters, with natural ingredients so your horse is not exposed to nasty chemicals, silicones or parabens.

Sustainability affects us all

We need to protect our habitats, keep our waterways clean, carbon emissions need to be reduced, as does the amount of fossil fuels used.

As horse riders our environment is SO important. We ALL need to take steps to change the way our environment and world is treated, how the products we buy are produced and packaged - it is in the best interest of our planet.  

Everything we do and buy has an impact on our environment and here at Eco Horse we are committed to trying our best to improve our eco-impact.

Our Sustainability Key

Our Sustainability Key on each product will show you what makes it Eco-Friendly.  No product comes with no carbon hoofprint at all, but we are trying to make those hoofprints as small as possible, for our environment.

The Eco Horse Story

Eco Horse Ltd is an Eco-Conscious company providing All Natural Equestrian Products. We are based in Warkworth, just North of Auckland in the beautiful country of New Zealand. Just like you, we are horse lovers. We have our own animals and want what's best for them. Therefore we source and use only top quality ingredients and products.

We make all of our products in small batches, using only natural oils, butters and liquids that are beneficial to our horses. We don't use nasty chemicals or additives, drying synthetic silicones, synthetic fragrances or parabens - or bulk products up with water!

We came up with these natural and eco-friendly concepts as we felt that not only was there was a gap in the market for quality goods at a very reasonable price, but we really wanted to make everything as Environmentally-Friendly as possible.

So much plastic is used in equine products and packaging that is completely unnecessary so we want to change this and show that there is an eco-friendly alternative to most of these products that IS friendly to our environment and world. Some of our products could be in a recyclable plastic bottle but will have a refill solution available, thus no single use plastic bottles... but ALL of our packaging is Eco-Friendly.

We have many many new horse products in the pipelines and are excited to introduce them to you all after our trial periods. Good things take time, and Eco Horse takes that time to present you with amazing equestrian products at great price points.

All our products are perfect to buy for yourself, as a gift, or just a treat for friends and pets. So have a wander through our online store and place an order, you won't be disappointed... and follow us at @ecohorsenz for updates and new product launches!

Meet Baxter & his human

Baxter lives with his person, Kerry, in a beautiful country area North of Auckland.

Sometimes she spends too much time indoors making special potions when Baxter would prefer to be out having an adventure, but otherwise he says she's pretty great.

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