Our Story

Eco Horse Ltd (previously Whose Treats Ltd) is an Eco-Friendly company providing unique and affordable products.  

We, just like yourselves, are animal lovers.  We have our own animals and want what's best for them.  Therefore we source and use only top quality ingredients and products.​  All of our products that we make are by using natural oils and butters that are beneficial to our horses.  We don't use nasty chemicals or additives, or bulk products up with water!  

We came up with these natural and eco-friendly concepts as we felt that not only was there was a gap in the market for quality goods at a very reasonable price, but also to make everything as Eco-Friendly as possible. 

So much plastic is used in equine products and packaging that is completely unnecessary so we want to change this and show that there is an eco-friendly alternative to most of these products that IS friendly to our environment and world, including the bags we use that look like plastic but definitely are not!  Some of our products will contain plastic, but ALL of our packaging is Eco-Friendly.  We are trying to help our planet, one parcel at a time!

We have many many new products in the pipelines and are excited to introduce them to you all after our trial periods.  Good things take time, and Eco Horse Ltd is taking that time to present you with amazing products at the lowest costs possible

All our product are perfect to buy for yourself, as a gift, or just a treat for friends and pets. So have a wander through our website and place an order, you won't be disappointed.....

We will also be at Horse Of The Year 2023!