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Eco Horse All Natural Horse Grooming

Wash, condition and shine your horses without toxic chemicals. From Leave-In Conditioners and Shampoos to Hoof care, Honey Healing balms and Bit Butter, we care for your horses from the tip of their nose to the base of their hooves.

It's all made here in New Zealand, naturally, and sent to you in the most eco packaging possible.


We love horses

Everything we make is created to make our horses lives more pleasant, and to help keep them healthy, from shiny coats to happy hooves.


Our Eco Horse Guarantees

  • All Natural Ingredients

    We add no nasties.

  • Light on the planet

    Made locally, packed lightly.

  • Safe for your horses

    Tested with love.

Mane & Tail Grooming

Coat Care & Shine

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Eco Horse is all natural

Our 100% Natural Horse Grooming Products are made to nourish your horse's coat, mane and tail with luscious natural shines and conditioners.

All our horse grooming products are free from nasty chemicals, synthetics, toxins or parabens and are cruelty free. Our Natural Grooming Range for horses smells incredible and are sent in as much Eco Packaging as possible.

Go Natural...Go Eco Horse and reduce your carbon hoofprint!


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Reviews for Eco Horse

Amazing product! I have been using the Leave in Conditioner on my horse’s very thick tail and it is just divine! You don’t need to use a lot and it gives the hair a lovely silky finish with lots of shine. The smell is just incredible too.


The Hot Oil is incredible! I’m in awe! With this wet and warm summer my boy's coat wasn’t looking great and his skin was a bit scabby and dandruffy. Even as he dried I noticed how soft his coat was and how clear and moisturised his skin was, including the half of his mane which is always shorter due to winter rugging and as a result the skin ends up burnt and scabby. Absolutely over the moon and I can’t stop stroking his coat. Great value for money too!


The Bucket Boost is the perfect addition to bath time. I recently purchased Bug Off - with Citronella Essential Oil. My horse hates being sprayed with fly spray so I have been looking for an alternative to spraying on a sponge to apply. This is absolutely perfect, the smell lasts and I have noticed fewer flies landing on him. It is also lovely knowing I am only applying natural oils to his coat. I will definitely be keeping one of these in Benson's bath time kit.


Thank you! The Hoof Helper Clay is the product I've needed since forever. It's by far the best value medicated hoof clay on the market. We always struggle during the wetter months with just about every hoof condition you can name. This year it's been abscess after abscess with plenty of seedy toe thrown in. Effective filling of the cavity to prevent recurrent infection or to stop debris like stones getting jammed in there has always been an issue, pushing cotton wool in there never really worked and just fell out within a few hours. Not anymore. Easy to use and smells great, the results have been fantastic. It also worked some magic on our mini who has fragile frogs, I used the clay as a pad, and she is much more comfortable and is developing much healthier frog tissue.


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