A commitment to natural horse grooming products

A commitment to natural horse grooming products

Photo is of Lucy on gorgeous Tonka (Event Stars).

We love horses and take their care very seriously.

Many horse care products are formulated with synthetic chemicals of varying harshness and owners are often applying toxic substances to their skin daily, which can be harmful especially when used long term. 

Grooming products, sprays and insect repellents can coat the skin preventing it from 'breathing' and may even penetrate the skin to enter the horse's system. They also often contain potentially dangerous chemicals, and are normally diluted with synthetic 'fillers' to bulk out the volume of the product, and chemical preservatives to make it last longer.

Things to look out for in grooming products

From the gentian violet in your hoof spray (a mutagen, mitotic poison like cyanide and mustard gas, carcinogen, and environmental toxin) to the pthalates in your horse shampoo (carcinogenic, hormone disruptors, reproductive disruptors, can damage liver, lungs, kidneys and impact brain development), there are some very nasty chemicals hidden in your grooming routine. 


Surfactants, Pthalates & Parabens

These nasty chemicals are found in many (if not most) grooming products as SLS, fragrances, preservatives or surfactants (detergents, wetting and foaming agents, or emulsifiers)

It's likely you choose shampoo and conditioner in the supermarket labelled as free from sodium lauryl sulfate, phthalates and parabens. These endocrine disruptors can influence your hormones and may even lead to increased risk of cancers due to hormonal imbalances. Phthalates are known neurotoxins and SLS can be a skin irritant. PEGs make the skin more permeable, and all are potential allergens.


Silicone creates a seal on skin and hooves preventing 'breathing' and is not biodegradable - we don't know its long term effect on the environment. 

As a side note, it can create a hazard in the show ring if it moves from mane to reins! 


Often used in antibacterial products, Triclosan is absorbed through the skin and has been linked to contact dermatitis or skin irritation, weakening of the immune system, hormone disruption, and an increase in allergic reactions, especially in children.

Choose the natural grooming alternatives

Our range of eco safe horse grooming products are 100% natural. 

Our grooming products from leave in conditioner to mane and tail detangler and hot oil wash are packed with good natural ingredients that nourish your horse's skin and protect the hair of the mane and tail.

Using luscious natural horse grooming products formulated at high concentrations (without synthetic fillers) means you will see a moisturised, shining coat right away, and over time your horses mane, tail and coat will improve in condition and shine. 

Every Eco Horse grooming product is thoroughly tested, scented with natural essential oils, and made with high quality, safe ingredients that are kind to your horse, and to the planet.

We also work hard to limit plastic waste in our packaging, to further reduce our impact on the world.