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Soothe Yourself Bundle

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Have you yourself got lots of aches and pains?  Does riding (or life in general) leave you moving around in pain and needing something special to soothe all those aching muscles and joints?

Our 'Soothe Yourself' Bundle contains all of our 'muscle relief' products to help you feel better....and best of all every single ingredient is natural!

This bundle includes:

Rider Rug Magnesium Body Butter - Magnesium is a natural and relaxing product that is best applied topically (on the skin), meaning you will get the benefits of it sooner rather than later. (150gm tin)

Menthol Liniment GelWith an Aloe Vera base, cooling Menthol, Comfrey and Eucalyptus Essential Oil it has all the goodness needing to soothe those aches and pains away.

Muscle Relief Bucket Boost Bath Bomb - add some to your bath and help soak the aches and pains away.

Soothing sore muscles and pains the natural way.


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No silicones, parabens, synthetic fragrances or nasty chemicals.

    Soothe Yourself Bundle

    Sustainability Key

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