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Eco Horse

Magnesium Rub Body Butter

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This luxurious Magnesium Rub is just what all us riders need to soothe away our own aches and lets face it, we all get them.

Magnesium is a natural and relaxing product that is best applied topically, meaning you will get the benefits of it sooner rather than later.

Our Magnesium Rub also contains Spearmint Essential Oil.  This is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and imparts a cooling sensation to the skin.  It helps reduce lines and wrinkles and energises the skin.  The scent also enhances moods and concentration.  So many benefits, and smells incredible too.

To use just smooth a small amount directly onto the affected areas of pain or discomfort.  Gently massage into the skin.  This beautiful, all natural product provides maximum absorption and is so moisturising to the skin.

As with all of our products a little goes a long way, and that is particularly evident with this one. 



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