Why only All Natural?

Why only All Natural?

Do you ever wonder who the people are behind a business name?  And why do they do what they do?  Well, come into my world for a few minutes....

I'm Kerry and Eco Horse is my baby.  I have been riding since I was 4 years old and so have gleamed a wealth of knowledge over the years.  Ill admit that when I was younger I used to just chuck any old product on my ponies and not give it a second thought (this was back in the day when we used to have one saddle that fit 8 ponies too!).....but time and age has taught me I should have and should be looking more into what I am putting on my precious boy...and so here is where my journey has taken me.  


All Natural.  No Chemicals. No Toxins.  No Silicone.  No Parabens.  Literally just 100% Natural goodness.  Even our fragrances are either Essential Oils, or Essential Oil fractions and natural fragrance compounds so are completely natural. No synthetic fragrances.  This also means that if you wanted to you can put our products on yourself too (the Leave-In Conditioner is a regular in my wild, thick and normally out of control hair, and the Bit Butter I use as a lip balm).

It honestly blows my mind seeing what some people put on their horses coats, faces and very sensitive places.  And without a second thought.  The amount of chemicals in some horse products is just astounding....if you find one that has the ingredients listed have a quick google search on some of those long words and see what is actually in it....and then question yourself 'Would you put that on your own hair or skin?'....if the answer is No then you should be questioning why you are putting it on your horse too!  

There is an alternative.  And we provide that alternative.  Absolutely everything in our products are NATURAL....including our fragrances.  This is our guarantee to you.  And also keeping it as affordable as possible for you too.

Our range is expanding constantly.  All our products are tested and trialled before going on the market to ensure that they do what they are meant to do, and do it safely too. Keep an eye out for them cause they are worth it......