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Lavender Arnica Cream

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Our gorgeous Lavender Arnica Cream helps your horse meet increased physical demands, recover from work and continue training.  

Obtain soothing results naturally...Just apply and massage this gentle cream liberally into your horses skin to ease sore and stiff muscles, reduce inflammation and increase/stimulate blood flow.

Leaves them smelling like they have had a day at the spa....and of course being all natural it can be used on your own sore body too!

Made alongside a professional equine Bodyworker.


Do not use on broken skin and if symptoms persist consult your Veterinarian. 


NZ Standard shipping is $9.50, Global Shipping is available to popular countries.


No silicones, parabens, synthetic fragrances or nasty chemicals.

    Lavender Arnica Cream
    Lavender Arnica Cream

    Sustainability Key

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