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Honey Healer

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    Honey Healer is a soothing cream that provides a protective barrier over minor wounds and supports the natural healing process.  

    This soothing balm is ideal for all those minor wounds, scrapes and skin irritations.  It helps you horses skin to regenerate and reduce the potential for scars and proud flesh.

    Honey aids in the treatment of wounds and assists in the natural formation of healthy tissue.  The addition of Beeswax helps to seal the wound, keeping contaminants out while keeping the moisture in.  A beautiful, completely natural product.

    A great product to have handy in your grooming kit, horse float or truck.

    For serious conditions and wounds always contact your veterinarian.




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    No silicones, parabens, synthetic fragrances or nasty chemicals.

    Honey Healer

    Sustainability Key

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