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Eco Growth Serum

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Our Eco Growth Serum is made from beneficial and essential oils to help soften the skin, open the hair follicles and promote circulation. Therefore aiding in the growth of forelocks, manes and tails.

The Castor Oil in this is one of the main keys to growth, along side Peppermint Essential Oil (known for supporting hair growth), Witch Hazel (antiseptic and helps relieve itch and dandruff) and Aloe Vera (helps blood flow and has many skin benefits).

This product is not an overnight fix, but over time and with patience new strong growth should happen.

Directions:  Apply twice daily for two weeks.  Squirt the formula (not spray as you will have an oily mess everywhere) at the base of the mane and/or tail and massage in.  Reduce after to once or twice a week.  Again, perseverance is the key.


Please note: Bottle colours may vary but the product does not.