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Eco Horse

Oopsie Poopsie Bag

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Do you go hacking on the streets or to the beach and your horse is prone to doing an 'Oopsie Poopsie'?  Then do we have the solution for you.

Our 'Oopsie Poopsie Bag' takes 10 litres of poop.  Just clip it onto the D ring of your saddle when riding and when the 'oopsie' happens hop off, unclip and open the top and using the scoop provided scoop up the poop into the bag.  Once done simply roll down the top several times and close it with the snap lock for a waterproof (and odour proof) seal.  The scoop can be stored inside the bag too if preferred.

The top is reinforced and rigid so that it hold open when you are scooping, making it easy and less chance of any messiness on your hands!  These bags are lightweight yet very robust and have heat-sealed waterproof seams, thus no leakage will occur!  Easy to wash and will last a very very long time.

Our 'Oopsie Poopsie Bag' comes with the scoop and carabiner, all you need for when that oopsie happens!

(Yes, our scoop is made of plastic, but we have chosen that from a safety point of view as if an accident happens we needed something that would break upon impact)

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