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Eco Detangle & Shine Concentrate REFILL

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Run out of your Eco Detangle & Shine Concentrate? (read all about it and purchase here

Then just purchase your refill bottle of Concentrate and begin filling your original Spray Bottle all over again. Enough to make 750ml plus.

Maybe even try a different scent this time around......same amazing all natural product.

We use only the finest quality natural ingredients (human grade) to help you achieve a gorgeous AND healthy tail and mane.  Our 'Eco Detangle & Shine' not only helps the hair but also the all-important skin too....and all done with natural products!

* NO Chemicals  * NO Nasty Silicone  * NO Water Bulking

Just the All Natural Goodness they deserve!  

250ml Concentrate

Available with Citronella, Vanilla Hint, Strawberry, Lavender, Tea Tree, Pina Colada or Unscented.