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Bendy Phone Tripod

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Do you ride alone and have no-one to video your training?   Then why not try one of our Bendy Phone Tripods and record yourself?  Decide where you want to record from and set it up. Its quick, easy and painless!

Wrap the flexible legs around a fence batten, tree branch etc, or you can even balance it on a fence post.  Gently put your phone in the holder part and just press record when ready to go....then ride to your hearts content and watch your footage when finished.

The length of each leg (there are 3) on the Bendy Phone Tripod are approximately 12.5cm.  The soft covered legs allow for great grip without damage to surfaces.  The swivelling head allows for great flexibility for multi-angle shooting

Suitable for most phones, including i-phones and Samsungs.