Sustainability and the Eco Horse Key


SUSTAINABILITY - this is something that effects us all, now and in the years to come.

We need to protect our habitats, keep our waterways clean, carbon emissions need to be reduced, as does the amount of fossil fuels used.

As horse riders our environment is SO important.  We ALL need to take steps to change the way our environment and world is treated, how the products we buy are produced and packaged and is it in the best interest of our planet.  

Everything we do and buy has an impact on our environment and here at Eco Horse we are committed to trying our best to improve on all the above.

So we have come up with our 'Sustainability Key'. On most products page it will have the keys to show you what makes it Eco-Friendly.  No product comes with no carbon hoofprint at all, but we are trying to make that hoofprint as limited as possible for our environment.

Eco Horse Sustainability Key

  All packaging is recyclable

 All ingredients are completely natural

 Cruelty free - absolutely nothing has been tested on animals!

  Plastic free - speaks for itself really and so important.

  Chemical free - no chemicals used in this product.

Silicone Free - no harsh silicone used in this product.  Silicone free - no harsh & drying silicone in this product.

Paraben free- no parabens in this product  Paraben free- (Parabens are chemicals used as preservatives)