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Hoof Helper Clay

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Hoof Helper Clay

Give your horses hooves the care they deserve with our Hoof Helper Clay.  Used in the treatment of bacterial and fungal issues in hooves.  

Containing Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Honey and Zinc our customers use it for: 

  • Hoof Abscesses
  • Seedy Toe
  • White Line disease
  • Thrush
  • Pre-packing under shoes and pads

Pack it into the cavities created by hoof abscesses, cracks and white line disease.  The antibacterial properties aid in healing while forming a seal to prevent more dirt and bacteria entering.

The clays we use in this are completely natural (we don't use Polymer clay which is made from plastics) so due to this it will dry out with air, so make sure you put the lids back on the container properly.

It is easy to use and stays in place for long periods of time.  (Please note if using for packing along white lines, shallow abscesses or in wet weather you will still need some sort of protection like a pad or boot to hold it in).

A big 460gm tin.

Also available as a Combo with our 180gm tin of Copper Sulphate.  Just knead the Copper Sulphate into the Hoof Helper Clay and use for the treatment of thrush or packing a freshly cleaned up abscess site.



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No silicones, parabens, synthetic fragrances or nasty chemicals.

    Hoof Helper Clay
    Hoof Helper Clay
    Hoof Helper Clay
    Hoof Helper Clay
    Hoof Helper Clay

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